I’ve been dreadfully busy, these past two weeks. Some people don’t take that as an excuse to miss blogging and writing, but… I guess I do. Some people say writing needs to be a habit like brushing your teeth in the morning, but guess what? When I get too busy, I don’t remember to brush my teeth. Don’t remember to drink water unless I’m reminded. Don’t remember to eat. Don’t remember to write. I’m that bad at habits.

To be fair, these past two weeks have been fraught. I’ve been planning trips, making reservations, driving my family around, navigating without GPS, seeing sights. Castles. Palaces. Rivers. Shops. Paris in one day. You know, the firstest of first world trials. We can’t afford to eat at most of these places. I don’t remember to eat much of what we packed. Don’t remember to drink, unless my mother, or sister-writer, press bottles into my hands and order my hydration. Don’t remember to write.

When we do eat out, I forget anything else. Revel. Carp! I forget anything else. Eclair! I forget anything else. Warm brie and pear! I forget anything else. Sister-writer remembers to take pictures. Bad lighting. Good faces. Good food.

I’m bad at all-the-time habits. But I’m good at coming back to things. Circling back around. Beginning again. Carrying on. Remembering, if not in time, in time. I walk through the woods with my mother. The light is perfect. I remember to take pictures. She’s beautiful.

I think maybe that’s how I’m meant to be. Not remembering always, maybe remembering enough. I see my mother in Paris and forget to take pictures. I see my mother in the trees, and remember. It is good.

I remember to write a blog post. I’ve forgotten dinner.

Maybe it’s enough. Maybe it’s good.

Save a Word: Crystograph

Welcome to  Save-a-Word Saturday!

For those unfamiliar, the fantastic meme runs thus: they put out a theme, you pick a word you want to save from extinction,  and feature your word in a vignette that fits their theme.  And, you know, link back to them, while they link out to the blogs that join them. It’s a jolly time.

This week, I follow Syawn, one the the main characters in Ever the Actor, many years before the first chapter opens.

This week’s theme is: Travel
My word is: crystograph
n. – painting or writing on glass

The air stood stagnant, leaving the wide lake below a perfect pane of glass, fitted into the lower valley. Dark conifers stood proudly against blue above and blue below. The smooth water held the breathless reflection; spiked green runes on spreading sapphire, sharper than a keen crystograph.

The nearest thing to a summer breeze was a boy’s soft sigh. It was a lovely view, but one could only stare for so many hours at the same scene and still enjoy it. Syawn wished that he would either be relieved of his watch, or that he could spot some danger and be relieved of his boredom. If nothing else, could not some small zephyr ruffle lake and leaf and relieve some measure of the heat?

What he’d really like, he realized as he scanned the un-moving foliage on the far ridge, was for his uncle to decide they’d spent seasons enough with this band of bandits, never moving further than just far enough to avoid detection. When were they going to travel again?

They’d been all along the Great Graves mountains, up the southern face of the Stone Teeth, and now Sy wanted to see the great Bay of Commerce, the tall and busy cities that lined it, the ships flying across the waters like proud birds–but no; for a full year now, they had camped in the same stretch of northwestern forest, raiding the same tired towns and farms.

The nearest thing to a summer breeze was a boy’s soft sigh.