Stranger Than Truth Club

Cast of Characters


Club Photo_Danielle




“Author and recorder of the minutes. So basically, scrambling to keep up with these yahoos.”


Club Photo_Lute




“Gant-o-the-Lute, minstrel extraordinaire. Also, royalty, once, but we don’t talk about that.”


Club Photo_Bruno






Club Photo_Edgwyn




“Hello. ^-^ Edgwyn Wyle, tailor-prince of Denebdeor, at your service.”


Club Photo_Sy




“Muse, life coach, thief lord, spymaster, Head Mod of the Stranger Than Truth Club. And a priest, somehow.”


Club Photo_Will




“Heeey babes, Will Scarlet here, outlaw, Rennie, general life enthusiast. Lord, I’m sexy.”


Club Photo_Allyn




“Allyn-a-Dale, son of Lute. Minstrel to Robin Hood’s Merry Men. Will Scarlet’s best friend. Pity me.”


Club Photo_Tirzah



“Tirzah Duncan, author of Sy, Lesser Mod of the Stranger Than Truth Club, generally considered everyone’s cool auntie.”


Also Featuring:

Little Allyn

“Also Allyn, but younger. And better. I’m the fabulous one.”


Wild animal. Do not feed. That’s Bruno’s job.

Robin Hood

“You may have heard of me.”

Marion Hood

“Merry Woman. Robin Hood’s sweetheart. The glue that holds the outlaw band together.”

Little John

Silent but deadly.

Dorian Gant

“Eldest son of King Jackillen Gant of Carillon. Not a minstrel, so he doesn’t love me.”

Sir Lancelot

“A legend among legends.”
{“Lord, what an arrogant prick,” Sir Bedivere notes.}

Sir Gawain

“Knight of the Round Table, vassal to Arthur Pendragon, High King of all the Britons, long may he reign.”

Queen Guinivere

“First Lady of Camelot, consort to Arthur Pendragon,” *waves towards Gawain* “what he said.”

Arthur Pendragon, High King of all the Britons (long may he regin)

“So what’s left to say?”

Sir Galahad

“Knight of the Round Table. Son of Sir Lancelot. Really unsure how I got roped into any of this.”


“The daughter of a chamberlain and a general. So I’ve got numbers and common sense in my blood, and the capacity to lead and inspire thousands in my hand. I’m sort of assuming that last bit.”


“Crown Princess of Denebdeor – which roughly encapsulates all, if you know aught of my kingdom’s legacy.”


“Grace the Mace, up-and-coming mercenary of Yaa. I may or may not fantasize about an eventual reign of terror.”


“Who can tell?”


“Yes. That Mordred.”


“I’m just a lit-fic girl in a fantasy world.”


Club Minutes:

Truly Strange Reviews: Of Mice and Monsters

World Peace or Nah?

Proceed With Caution

Fancy Footwork

Lily-White; Conservative

Stranger Than Truth Debut

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