Locker Room Talk

I was playing with boys about my age (10?) in my neighborhood..

The part I didn’t mind: getting pinned and having a hand held over my mouth. We were playing spies or ninjas or something agressive, and I was enjoying myself.
The part I did mind: when they started talking about how they were going to rape me. I shook them off and changed the game, but that rattled me. Remained stuck in my mind over a decade later.

Not that they were actually going to rape anyone… at that age. I doubt they even really knew what they were talking about… but the fact that they were talking like that shows problems with their parents, peers, and media intake. With, in fact, their culture.

If 10-year-old boys think rape is a game, are they going to take it any more seriously when they’re bigger, stronger, and have sex drives?

No, our culture answers clearly. Not in the least.



  1. Ick. 😦 I certainly hope they’ve learned better since. I didn’t understand half the stuff I spouted as a kid; looking back at the transcripts now comes with a lot of cringing. Shout-out to everyone who takes the time to compassionately steer the ignorant toward a better track.

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