The Muse Valentine’s Day Partyfest

The author-muse cohorts over at The Faux Fountain Pen issued an open invitation to The Muse Party Blogfest: (Anti)-Valentine’s Day Edition. We took her up, my Sy and I, and here’s our contribution.

  1. Who did you bring to the party? Is he/she your Valentine or anti-Valentine?

Honestly, Sy brought me, telling me it would be good for my blog. I said okay, because it sounded like fun. That’s a good glimpse into the way of things, actually: he thinks “advantage,” I think “cool!”

As for Valentine or anti-Valentine? Neither. He’s basically my big brother. (For the best, what with both of us being married.)

When I first found him, I had a crush on him, and then we had a massive power-struggle, and then I feared him and he resented me, and then we came to cautiously respect each other. Five years into this relationship, and I’m his lazy little-sister writer-person.

  1. Which one of you is the more romantic person?

“Probably me, by a hair,” Sy admits. “Although neither of us are especially romantically inclined, at least not in the Valentine’s Day sense. The more original definition, the romance of adventure, battle, and life’s great balladry, appeals to us both.”

  1. What gift are you giving to your (anti) Valentine?

“If I can wrangle it out of her, she’ll be giving me the gift of making something nice out of the inspiration I’m giving her. It’s an uphill battle, getting her to write.” He grins. “Nevertheless, as I’ve already pointed out, I’ve a fondness for glorious battles.”

  1. Are you guys wearing red or pink (or black…)? 

“Theme colors are for military affairs. I’ve put all that behind me.”

I’ll be wearing a snazzy (yes, black) suit jacket over some fandom t-shirt. As for him, I can hardly say. He jumps around from one style, era, and world however he likes, sometimes drawing on fashions I haven’t fathomed yet and so can’t see.

“I’ll make it easy on you this time,” he says, straightening the tie on his three-piece suit with a green velvet cloak over it. “A bit of your world, a bit of mine.”

The guns and knives hidden about his person also serve as a good demonstration of the principle.

  1. Did you bring any Valentine’s Day treats? 

I’ve baked brownies, one of the few baked goods I’m semi-confident about. Sy has doubtless cheated and pulled any number of ready-made confectionaries out of the air, catered to perfectly suit whomever he’s offering them to…

  1. Name a song for our Love Playlist or Anti-Love Playlist (or both)! 

My Immortal, as covered by Gregorian Chants,” Sy says at once. “I think that qualifies for both, actually.”

The Impossible Dream. Maybe it’s not a love song so much as madman’s glorious and passionate assertion, but–oh hey, wait. Yeah, I guess it’s a love song.

  1. Got a great anti/Valentine party game? 

“How about ‘Spin the Broken Bottle’?” Sy suggests, grinning. “Whoever it points at, you’ve gotta decide whether you two are going to kiss or brawl.”

Never heard of that one. Sounds like a promise of chemistry, that’s for sure.

  1. Feeling the love or just feeling nauseous? How will you have fun at the party?

Given Sy’s input, I might well have a fine time here.

He lifts his glass in toast. “I live to serve.”

I can’t tell whether he’s being ironic or earnest. Probably a little bit of both.

  1. Has your muse been a good Valentine? 

The perfect gentleman, depending on your definition of “perfect” and “gentleman.”

“I’m just glad she’s here with me today,” the insufferable perfect gentleman says, voice dripping high fructose corn syrup as he pats my head. “That’s really all I can ask, given she sometimes treats that as too much.”

Club Photo_Tirzah

Club Photo_Sy



    1. “Or what, I’ll wind up drinking a milky beer? Yikes, fair enough. I’ll scram.”

      He says that, but I’m not sure I’v ever seen him run from any one person not wearing a lawman’s badge. He prefers to win confrontations, not races.

      (Why yes, he has had quite interesting and varied careers.)

  1. Will Scarlet’s brows rise sky-high. “That broken bottle variation is /genius/. Count me in! Also, love your outfits. ‘Specially yours, Sy Sexy-Fox.”
    I’m just overexcited ’cause Tirzah used the word “balladry”, so… that’s where I’m at.
    “I should have left you home with the minstrel.”

  2. I’m not much for kissing or fighting random people, so I may have to sit that one out. Jordan would probably be down for it, though! He’d never admit it, but he’s more of a lover than a fighter.
    Thanks for coming to my party!

    1. Sy laughs. “I’m more for fighting than kissing, personally, at least when it comes to strangers.” He coughs. “These days, anyway. I guess I’ve grown conservative in my old age. Jordan could have a lot more fun with Will Scarlet, I expect.”

  3. Sy was smart for bringing you to this blog hop. I am happy to meet you both. 🙂 I think I’ll sit out on that Spin the Bottle game until I get to know everyone more, but Ena (my muse) is more of a free spirit and sees nothing wrong with giving a friendly smooch too strangers.

    1. “It is a fun game, one way or another, but what’s this I see over at your place, about passing apples?” He raises his eyebrows. “I have a lot of friends who would be into that.”

  4. There’s a Gregorian Chant version of My Immortal? I must track this down immediately!

    Enjoyed meeting your character…and I agree with Patricia. That’s high fructose corn syrup line was brilliant!

    1. Thanks! We do indeed. Then again, Sy has an interesting relationship with his wife, his best friends, his children… if he has a relationship, it’s unlikely to be normal.

      “In sooth. I always try to be interesting-but-not-safe.” Sy flicks you a wink.

    1. Sy smiles at you. “I rather think we shall. Nothing like a good, friendly contest of arms. Or hand-to-hand; I’m game for whatever. And thank you, my dear,” he says, the sweep of his arm showing both cloak and suit to best effect. “I see you’ve gone with classic black. Hard to go wrong with that.” His eyes flick up and down. “And you’re looking well in it.”

      “Jari, my good man, that shield is looking very fine on you. The fashion statement of the *cough*your*cough* century, to be sure.”

      He leans over to murmur into your ear. “We have types like him in my world, too. Frightful giants, but they liked me well enough. I’m sure we two shall get on swimmingly, as well.”

    1. I would tend to put my bets on Sy. He didn’t claw his way from nameless bit-part character to Author-bullying muse at the top of the imaginary pecking order for nothing! Still, he’s been beaten in the past, notably by Sir Bedivere and an AU version of Will Scarlet.

      Where would your coin go, if you were to place bets? On your Captain, perchance? 😀

      1. In bar brawling? My Captain? I suspect he could hold his own–he’s no slouch– but my money would be on the Viking. The Captain’s natural skills and training are more toward tactics and advanced weaponry than tear-em-apart brute force.

  5. *laughs* Sy is a hoot… love that he had to drag you along… Evelyn pretty much did the same with me.. but then, she isn’t often around and I love showing her off… just keep her away from Sy since he’s married… no telling what nonsense she will get into!

    1. Yeah, my Sy is a lot of fun. X)

      Sy grins. “No need to keep anyone away. I am a man of impeccable self-control. And I know my wife would agree with me that you’re both eyefuls in those dresses. She’d be over there toying with the two of you and eating all of your strawberries within two minutes of arriving, I shouldn’t wonder. Pity she couldn’t be here.” His face flushes at the thought of her. “But she would take a lot of explaining that goes beyond simple spoilers. AUs upon AUs, ya know.”

      Awwww. Did you do anything nice for Valentine’s Day proper? “Oh, yes,” he says simply.

      Yeah, no worries. That guy flirts like he’s James Bond’s understudy, but he’s too head-over-heels about his wife to get into any real trouble.

      1. *laughs* Well, unfortunately Sy, Evelyn has no self-control and is a horrible flirt. So I will keep her at a distance… because well, she swings both ways and of your wife is all you say she is… she would be in trouble too!
        “Hey! stop spilling my secrets – I just enjoy a good flirt, no matter the flavor!”
        *grins* See, told ya!

      2. Sy smiles. “Well, that certainly could hold its own dangers. Perhaps it’s best she isn’t at the party after all. Even so, I hope you enjoy finding some kind of trouble to get in around here, Evelyn.”

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