Book Spine Poem: Shadow-Spy

After reading “Broken Words Spoken Here” as presented over at Sentence First, I had to try my hand at stacking up my own book-spine poem. A book-spine poem being what it sounds like; a stack of books that, when the spines (titles only, omit the author’s names) are read, become a new work of art.

It’s a frustrating venture, having to deal with a limited number of phrases, and no option of rearranging the words within a given title, but exciting and rewarding for a bibliophile. After dashing about between several different bookshelves and pulling out tottering piles of everything that looked cool, I fussed and arranged, delighted and remembered, sighed over excellent titles that simply couldn’t be worked in, and despaired that I have so few verb-stocked titles in my home. Then I settled at last upon this.


By cunning and craft, shadow and claw,
Invisible armies spy for the Night Riders.
Whatever happened to justice?

Out of the silent planet,
The martyr’s song inspired
The spy who came in from the cold.

In the shadows of the gods–
A memory of light.

FullSizeRender (46)





  1. This is definitely one of the better bookmashes I’ve seen, better than most of Stan’s in my opinion. The only thing I’d fault is that the space between stanzas is not represented in the image, which could have been done using 180-degree rotated books. The books wouldn’t have to be thick ones.

    Of possible interest: I used Out of the Silent Planet in one of my bookmashes from 2010.

    1. Wow, thank you very much. ^-^

      I had considered indicating the breaks by rotation, as it happens, but I scrapped it as it didn’t really wind up looking any good…

      You’ve got some fun bookmashes of your own, I see. Thanks for reading, and for sharing!

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