The Surrogate Sea Cover Reveal!

Since this is about revealing the cover, I won’t stand in its way with any thousand words.

So yeah, wow. These covers keep getting better. But since you’re not supposed to judge a book by them, here’s the thousand words I had to say about the advance copy, give or take 907:


New love and fresh death billow in on a sea-storm’s breath at the beginning of The Wilderhark Tales’ sixth book, The Surrogate Sea.

The penultimate drama in D.E. Shipley’s fairy-tale spinoffs draws from both Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, replete with a three-day ultimatum, a voice-bound sea maiden, and an aberration with his heart on the line. But every path is twisted by cunning—and beset with some spectacularly vicious weather.

Love abounds in this well-told tangle of schemes, but will anyone find the truth of it—or a happily-ever-after?


To find out more about the story, check out Danielle’s blog.
If you’re rightly interested in the cover art, goggle at more of Yana’s works here.
To buy the e-book edition of the first novella in the Wilderhark series, The Swan Prince, see its amazon page, where it’s temporarily on sale for 99 cents.


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