Found: Poem

I’ve recently found out about a new way of writing poetry–rather, of spotting it where it hides on the page, like a wordsmith’s version of sculpting. A found poem, it’s called, and it assumed that somewhere on a page of words, a poem is there, hidden in plain sight, and you simply have to black out the words around it until it stands revealed.

I first heard of this notion when my writer bestie showed me this poem of her finding:

I love its simple beauty, and the visual echo of the words as they step their way down through a darkened page…

But this wasn’t a poem for a poem’s own sake. No, no, there was an ulterior motive. Apparently, V.E. Schwab, author of the novel Vicious, (which I have not read, admittedly, but am now intent on doing,) is holding a contest giveaway, in which the winner will get a copy of the book–turned entirely into a single found poem, by the author’s own hand!

How to enter? Turn the opening page of Vicious into a found poem of one’s own. Once I heard of the idea, contest or none, I knew I had to make one of my own. Sorry, bestie-mine, for becoming your competitor, but it’s too lovely to leave alone. And, what the heck, I’d like a found-poemed book.

So I grabbed my marker (metaphorically; literally, I opened a paint program,) and sought my own meaning in the text–if a little differently from when one usually reads a page.

If you’ve a Tumblr and a thick black marker of your own, feel free to join the contest, and beat myself and my friend to some deeper or more meaningful finding in this page:

VICIOUS comes out in paperback this week!!! To celebrate, I have a nefarious plan—I mean giveaway. Take the first page—shown above—and black it out into a found poem. Post it to Tumblr using the hashtag #victorvaleapprovesthisbook by January 30th, and ONE PERSON will win their very own blacked out paperback, the entire book converted into a single message from Victor Vale.

Open internationally.

Have fun.

-V.E. Schwab

Others can be found on Tumblr under #victorvaleapprovesthisbook
Whether or not you wish to join in the fun, I’d suggest you–
Read through the Dark


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