Part Ten: A Mortal Lover

The final 100-word chapter of a 1,000 word story. Part one here.


She looked so tired. Had he kept her up too late? She must say if he did. She burst into tears, then, and he knew.

Very tired. I know. Come here, love. Hush. You’re only human, it’s natural that you should feel tired. I know. You need to rest.

Sobbing, she begged a song and a kiss, and he gave her both. Shh. Shh. She was sorry she couldn’t—couldn’t stop crying, she was trying—

It’s alright. Shh. It’s alright, my love. Everything will be fine.

Sobs faded into silence.



D-dear one?


And his aching heart broke.


The end.

The whole story can be found on the short story page of my website.



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