The Lie of the Light

A hush falls like a waking dream

Like sunbeams on a cataclysm

And eyes half-lidded

Flick like a tail

Drink pleasure in a lazy rhythm

Find motes of dust

And little wisdom.

Time passes like four squares of drifting light

Dispelling ills and

angry wills and

days that churn like lumber mills

In a yawning, sighing patch of light

That says it’s sure

And lying lies

That all your ghosts are sleeping tight

And all your demons dozing

So why not join them?

Catastrophe will stay its hand

And life will grant a waiver

All’s well that isn’t minded

As a yawning tongue mines flavors

From dancing, dreaming, magic motes

That play like fey piano notes

In four soft squares of lulling light

That pass like time across the floor

‘Til night.


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