Paper plates and paper books.

Just came across a post of this quote.

What? People are still carrying on about e-readers and print books? I thought we’d all decided we could have our cake and eat it on a napkin or fine china as it pleased us, already. But never let it be said that I shut up about an issue if other people are still talking about it!

(Same with applause. I never want to be the last to stop clapping, just the next to last. Timing these things is tough.)

So. “Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food.”

Say what? I see no confusion. I can tell the edible from the inedible. Saying that the dressing is unrelated to the experience, be it of reading or eating, is where the confusion lies.

I will eat tasty food out of a styrofoam box, because I like food, I need it. If it’s really good, and/or no one saw it drop, I might even eat food off the floor. (Shhhh. Everyone knows germs obey the five second rule.)

But just last week, I carefully selected a nice set of dishes for my fledgling home.

Why? I had a perfectly good stack of paper plates and plastic bowls.

I must be one of those oldschool plate-obsessed maniacs! I must need to get with the times. We live in an age of disposables, and paper and plastic are sufficient mediums on which to consume the delicious substances that really matter! Valuing plates, valuing the heft of the ceramic in my hands, valuing the red-on-black pattern and the gleam of the glaze–I must be undervaluing of the food I’m putting ON the plates!

Or maybe I just prefer my food on a pretty plate. Maybe plenty of people do. Maybe some people don’t care what they eat off of. Maybe that’s fine, too. Maybe china and ceramic and cardboard and plastic are all going to stick around and be eaten off of for the foreseeable future.

And you know what?

It’s all good.

All good. 


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