Flashes of Fiction: It’s me.

Hey. Tirzah here.

My character has started a new weekly challenge for me. This task is to write a flash fiction piece of no more nor fewer than 100 words (commonly known as a drabble,) based on whatever prompt I find, every Tuesday.
Consider yourselves encouraged to write a drabble of your own, based on the prompt or otherwise inspired by the vignette below! 

Today’s Prompt, in honor of Deep Breath, Capaldi’s first episode as the Twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who, is:



“Hi! Carla, hey, it’s me!” Pete started quickly up the steps, then forced his stuttering feet to slow. Decorum. She wasn’t a kid anymore; let her see that he wasn’t either.

She turned around, and the smile that hovered on her mouth was a half-formed question. “Hi…”

“Hi. It’s uh, me, Pete.” He swallowed.

“Where do we know each other?”

“High School? We… hung out, sometimes? At parties?” His words were a plea, now, a plea to have meant enough to her to be remembered.

“Ohhhh…. right…. It’s been so long.” She paused. “Pete who?”




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