Flashes of Fiction: Disaster Readiness

Hey. Tirzah here.

My character has started a new weekly challenge for me. This task is to write a flash fiction piece of no more nor fewer than 100 words (commonly known as a drabble,) based on whatever prompt I find, every Tuesday.
Consider yourselves encouraged to write a drabble of your own, based on the prompt or otherwise inspired by the vignette below. 

Today’s Prompt:



I open the trunk of my car, and pause, the carjack catching my mind.

Always be prepared, it’s said. But what sort of prepared?

I was prepared for so many things. Fire. Gas leak. Tornado. Flood. Flat tire. Pink slip. Early snow. What do I mean, prepared? I thought about them, I put some protective props in place.

My daughter’s suicide, now. I hadn’t thought. I hadn’t put any props in place.

I touch the cold metal, sitting ready to help.Why not the flat tire, why not flooded or fired? Why never the things I’ve thought of? Why, why her?


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