Flashes of Fiction: Those Gilded Halls

Hey. Tirzah here.

My character has started a new weekly challenge for me. This task is to write a flash fiction piece of no more nor fewer than 100 words (commonly known as a drabble,) based on whatever prompt I find, every Tuesday.
Consider yourselves encouraged to write a drabble of your own, based on the prompt or otherwise inspired by the vignette below.

Today’s prompt:



I’ve never forgotten my first court.

Great trees lined the avenue. Masses of golden leaves drifted down with stately grace and constancy, gilding the packed dirt. Not the crunchy sort, but the long, thin kind that die without altogether drying. Soft and quiet underfoot, not that we walked quietly.

The way the sun filtered through, golden light catching golden dust motes and speckling on the rich carpet; the branches crooked to hold us; our courtiers flitting from branch to branch, musically twittering their civil disputes…

It always struck me as the sort of court kings might sell their crowns for.


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