Flashes of Fiction: Watch Her

Hey. Tirzah here.

My character has started a new weekly challenge for me. This task is to write a flash fiction piece of no more nor fewer than 100 words (commonly known as a drabble,) based on whatever prompt I find, every Tuesday.
Consider yourselves encouraged to write a drabble of your own, based on the prompt or otherwise inspired by the vignette below.

Today’s prompt:



The quickly winded and the easily worried and the soon whelmed watch out their windows and wonder at the things that happen and think of the things they’d do too if only they would.

Their palms burning with actions unacted, lips buzzing and tongues burning with words unspoken and songs unsung, their heads aching with trapped ideas going half-mad as their bellies burn with stir-crazy dreams, they watch.

One stumbles for the door, then, winded and worried and whelmed, returns window-ward.

But once more, she scrabbles up. Finds a door. Walks in faulty circles. Watch her stammer out her dreams.



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