Flashes of Fiction: Minions

Hey. Tirzah here.

My character has started a new weekly challenge for me. This task is to write a flash fiction piece of no more nor fewer than 100 words (commonly known as a drabble,) based on whatever prompt I find, every Tuesday.
Consider yourselves encouraged to write a drabble of your own, based on the prompt or otherwise inspired by the wee storyling below. 🙂

Today’s prompt:



Lightning cracked and thunder rolled overhead. Rats moved smoothly around the corners, their fur shining with the same wet blackness as the empty streets, their eyes gleaming with plots not their own.

Night streets in storm belonged to the bold, but these, normally cautious, were at ease in the deserted damp. Their master was a lord of storms.

Supernatural powers were not a thing comprehended by rats, nor were their minds bitter and brilliant, brewing plans of world domination. But they knew their part in his schemes, and the flesh of fruit and men they would reap for their roles.





  1. Thaaaat was all kinds of creepy. I certainly hope there’s a heroic foil waiting beyond the drabble’s end to take down the storm lord and his rat legion, for this would be far too chilling a doom. O.O

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