100-Word Wonder: Fire

Hey. Syawn here.We've decided to replace the picture of me with pictures of the subject at hand. I hope I can trust you to know when I, Sy, am talking, by way of my greeting,

I’ve started a weekly challenge for my author. It’s a good way to keep her on track. This challenge will be to write exactly 100 words on whatever subject I’m wondering about at the time, every Tuesday.

Why Tuesday? she asks. Because today is Tuesday, and I’ll not let her put it off for one more day.

Why whatever subject you’re wondering about? What about subjects I’m wondering about? the author asks, affronted. Because if I let her pick, she would be all day dithering between one musing and another.

Why 100 words precisely? she asks. Because I said so.

Why “Fire?” Because it’s one of those snappy buzzwords, you know?

Honestly, though, I have and need no real reason… Doesn’t mean I don’t have some real thief lord wisdom for you below, neatly packed into precisely 100 words.


Fire. It now means anything from ferocity to sensuality, spirituality to foolishness.

But in the times before it was caught and tamed, its connotations were simpler:

Danger. Loss. Chaos. Flight to the river. A world changed.

So often in life, all manner of fires sends the masses running for the river. The cunning, they suffer their losses— but they’ll reach to take hold of the flame and wrestle it into rings of stones, into hearths, onto torches and into steam engines.

Make chaos your bondslave and beast of burden, and you will rise to the top of a world changed.



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