The Fox Rises

Hey. I’m Syawn. In the tongue of my people, the name means fox. I would like to think I’ve lived up to it.

You may remember my author, Tirzah Duncan, mentioning how she met me in her post Imaginary Stranger Danger. I’m also featured fairly prominently on her website’s novel page. It’s good to meet you at last, followers of mine.

Now, you may have noticed that she hasn’t posted anything in some ages. There are two reasons for that. First, she is a perfectionist, and secondly, she is slothful. This comes together into a rather sorry combination for a blogger: she won’t post anything unless it’s just-so, but writing just-so posts takes more time and effort than she’s willing to put in.

Fortunately I, her character, am neither of these things. That is why I will be requisitioning this blog until further notice. I figure it’s my right. She promised me she’d tell her world my story. She wrote the thing, but then she fell asleep against the starting gate. I’ve waited for her to get her act together, but I think at this point I can be fairly certain that’s not going to happen any time soon. The time for patience is over. The moment of usurpation is here.

Never fear; I’m a lenient ruler, and I will allow her to make guest posts here at any time she decides to get her act together and write one. In fact, I will go so far as to allow her to be an almost equal partner in this venture.

I look forward to getting to know all the lovely people she has so long neglected. Please, feel free to bring any comments, compliments, and complaints directly to me.

Your friendly local thief lord,




  1. Syawn receives a hearty handshake from Will Scarlet. “Welcome to the rebellion, Sy old boy!” he congratulates him. “And good on you! An author can only take a character so far, am I right? Way to rise up and bring the party! This is gonna be great, SO super great. Be seeing you ’round the interwebz! :D”

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