The Stone Kingdom Release!

In The Swan Prince, first of The Wilderhark Tales, we met the hotheaded and determined princess Sula, along with the wise and cool-headed doctor, Villem Deere. Now brace yourself to meet their daughter Rosalba, the very model of fiery coolness.

But that’s not all you’ll meet. In D.E. Shipley’s second novela, The Stone Kingdom, the irrepressible Edgwyn Wyle–tailor, tailored service while you wait, the wait’s well worth Wyle–stumbles upon a petrifying curse of historic scope. Of course, hundred-year curses tend to be historic by default.

The kindly craftsman offers is assistance to the feisty princess at the heart of the stone kingdom’s troubles, setting them off on a hunt for a true prince, true love, and a true cure for sudden-onset mass statuary.

Miss Shipley excels again in the arenas of sharp characterization and strong wit. Her adaptations of well-known fairy tales (such as sleeping beauty, the princess and the pea, and Cinderella,) have never failed to bring a grin to my face.

Also, it’s pretty!  =D ^u^ *o* Look:

Stone Kingdom Cover, front

“The sweet tale of a sweet tailor whose kindness get’s him caught up in a curse of royal proportions: a slighted witch, a self-assured princess, and a selfish mishap that lead to a plague of petrification, and a hunt through the kingdoms for the prince to set it right.”

Go here to pick up the lovely book for yourself, and to get in on the launch giveaway prizes Danielle is offering–and I heard some rumor about a scavenger hunt of sorts starting on the morrow…



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