The Stone Kingdom Cover Reveal

Stone Kingdom cover reveal day! Observe the glory! This is one of the most covering covers in the history of bound pages! This cover will most indubitably help to contain and give alluring hints about the tale inside! Don’t take my word for it, behold:

Stone Kingdom Cover, front

You may recall my review of The Swan Prince some while back, that illustrious first installation of the Wilderhark Tales. Now I release this cover in anticipation of the amalgam of fairy tales to come! Sorry, lads and lasses, this is not the time to give you my review of this book; that will have to wait for release day at the end of the month. (Though I will give you this advance secret: this book’s creator is marvelously creative, and the contents well match the loveliness of the cover.)
So in the meantime, if you would please languish in agonizing anticipation, both Danielle E. Shipley and I would be much obliged, to be sure. 🙂


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