Save-a-Word: Furor Loquendi

Welcome to  Save-a-Word Saturday!

For those unfamiliar, the fantastic meme runs thus: they put out a theme, you pick a word you want to save from extinction,  and feature your word in a vignette that fits their theme.  And, you know, link back to them, while they link out to the blogs that join them. It’s a jolly time.

This week, I follow Rowtan, one of my characters from Ever the Actor, as he rises along his career path a few years prior to the opening of the novel.

This week’s theme is: Scorpion
My word is: furor loquendi
phr. – a passion to speak

Rowtan stood, nodding graciously at the applause, trying not to look as though it made him a little ill. Just get through the introduction, he told himself. Once you get into the subject, the furor loquendi will set in, and you’ll forget that there’s anyone to worry about.

He smiled over the heads of the assembled students, tried not to hear the professor’s words about him, shook hands with the man, then finally, he stood before the table with his object lessons. He cast one last glance out at his crowd, then looked down to deal with less fearful creatures.

He pulled the covering cloth off two of the cages. He could feel the shifting in the room as all leaned forward, getting a better look at the armored black creatures in each. He placed one hand atop each enclosure. Speak. Forget you have a crowd, and speak as though there is but one young mage child standing before you, sharing your passion.

“Two Karteeten scorpions. Both five inches long. Both male. Both just over one year old, both have had a similar diet. And yet will each react differently to magical influence. Why should be obvious, considering the title of this talk. How it will act differently is altogether another, subtler story.”

(So can anyone guess, by the way, what the obvious why was?)


One comment

  1. “Furor loquendi”… I find I feel a passion simply to speak that phrase. Latin can sound so beautiful, betimes. (:

    As to the obvious *why*… it’s nothing like obvious to me. Pity I arrived to the lecture hall too late to hear the title of the talk. X)

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