Save a Word: Pannychous

Welcome to  Save-a-Word Saturday!

For those unfamiliar, the fantastic meme runs thus: they put out a theme, you pick a word you want to save from extinction,  and feature your word in a vignette that fits their theme.  And, you know, link back to them, while they link out to the blogs that join them. It’s a jolly time.

This week, I follow Rowtan, a major character in Ever the Actor, a few years before the novel’s opening events.

This week’s theme is: Weddings
My word is: pannychous
adj. – lasting all night

Rowtan slipped deeper into the garden, away from the lanterns and laughter, trying this path and that until he found a corner void of celebrators. He tucked himself into it, sighed, and rubbed his throbbing temples. The pannychous merrymaking was proving exhausting.

It was not the hour that set his head aching; he often stayed up until the light of dawn, reading, writing, or laboring to influence and understand some element of nature or principal of magic. No; it was the people.

He had wished to avoid the party–indeed, he avoided parties as a rule, and he truly needed to be working on his book about the influence of the lines of power upon civilization–but he could hardly decline to go to his own brother’s wedding.

Even so, his brother couldn’t expect him to remain standing about in a crowd all night, smiling and nodding at every stranger who walked up and said, “So you’re the brother. Head of the Mage’s Guild, huh? What’s that like?”

Exhausting, Rowtan wanted to reply. But not nearly as exhausting as you lot.



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