Facets of Fascination

Facets of fascination multiply like amoebas upon inspection

For the deeper you know, the deeper goes the cavern of learning

Fastening to the mind, spreading and deepening upon reflection

And the mind spelunks ever on, for more, ever yearning

But the deeper you go and the more that you see and know

The more that you see the caverns spread infinitely deep

And even wider and higher than infinite vision could show

And even if you lived a thousand and one lifetimes without sleep

You would never swim the circumference of even one sphere

Of information, for the unknown will always spread past understanding

Like a net, like a trap for inquiring minds that forget to fear

Spending eternity exploring infinity and always demanding

To find more facets of fascination growing as we reach into something

That looked like nothing at the beginning, but nothing was standing

Just outside of our understanding so we reached out hoping to bring

Everything under the lens of our microscope and telescope and intelligence

And we will never see it all or understand all of what we see no matter

How closely we look or how far we search or how much we learn to sense

But that’s the glory of it see; the rest is immaterial: it’s the hunger that matters.


Image by NekoChrono

For more of le poetry and poetic stuff, check out my page here.



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