Passion = Accidental Anorexia :(

The most effective diet in the world is to find something you’re head-over-heels passionate about, then do it without food within your reach. You’ll get so caught up in the passion that you’ll forget to get up and go eat, or if you do think of it, you’ll brush it off as not worth leaving for.

For me, this thing is writing, and it’s all the more effective as I write in a coffee shop; an eight-minute walk home or a few precious dollars away from getting something to eat. This phenomenon is at its height during NaNoWriMo, when I’m reluctant to so much as go to the restroom before I’ve hit my word count.

This would be great if I needed to lose weight. As it is, I often hover a pound or two below my ideal weight, so I really can’t afford to lose any more.

There have been days that I’ve ingested, like, a handful of grapes and a sip of milk at midday. Then I wonder, “Why am I so tired? Why am I having trouble thinking? I’d better get to bed earlier tonight.*” So you see, it’s not a disorder, it’s not a complex. It’s just that passion has hit the override button.

Early this year, I got rather sick and dropped significantly lower. Then I proceeded to run Ever the Actor through its fifth draft. I was nearly ten pounds underweight for quite a while—and I was trying to eat. I like eating, I really do.

Speaking of which, hold on—I only just remembered Mom handed me a plum and a pluot as I walked out the door today.

*Snack break*

Between that and the bagel I bought for brunch, I’m better fed than I usually am at this time of day.

Anyway, where was I going with this? …Aw, pox, that broke my writing flow. Something about how it’s a good idea to eat some of the things, even when you’re busy following your heart.

Scratch that. Don’t stop writing to eat, that’s how you end up writing blog posts with no clear point or punchy ending.

*Of course I would then proceed to stay up late… but that falls under the common internet-user’s issue of “Accidental Insomnia”



  1. Alas, I know all too well the truth of your words. Between the needs of the body on one hand and the needs of our artistic souls on the other, it’s kind of a wonder we get any creation done and aren’t dead.

    P.S. — I like your ending anyway. X)

    1. Ha, true enough. Maybe we should just think of it as “fasting for artistic reasons”. That sounds practically spiritual and much more impressive than “I forgot”.

      And thank you. It wasn’t a pre-planned joke. 😛

  2. I wouldn’t have thought of it that way until reading this, but today I wrote for nearly eight hours not even realizing that the house started to get dark and I hadn’t eaten a thing. It was awesome! Keep writing!

  3. That’s why before I sit down to write, I always make sure there is chocolate within reach… and my family’s been trained to know that if I’m in the flow, they just deliver bowls of chocolate chips at regular intervals.

  4. Yeah, I kinda love eating, so writing doesn’t exactly get in the way of it. Sleeping, on the other hand… Accidental insomnia is definitely a problem of mine. I’m always thinking ‘Yeah, I’ll do a bit of writing and go to bed at midnight’. Somewhere between 1 and 2am I realise what the time is. And then when I do go to bed, I spend another hour or so running through scenes and plots and character ideas in my mind.

    But accidental annorexia? Like nothingbythebook says, I always make sure there’s chocolate within reach 😀

    1. Yeah, heh, writing can jack up a sleep schedule something awful. I do try to get up early to write, instead of letting things keep me late, but… yeah. That works half the time.

      Hah, let me tell you, if food were in reach, it would be ingested with no hesitations or reservations. And when I’m just reading or whatever else, I prefer to be munching on something. I’m just rarely desperate enough for food to leave off a creative endeavor to refuel. 😛

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