The End is Nigh!

No, I’m not talking about the impending restart of the Mayan Calendar, I’m talking about the impending release of Spirit’s End, the final installment in Rachel Aaron’s Eli Monpress series. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my review of The Spirit Thief.

Do you like fantasy? Charming thieves? Daring heists? Magic and cunning? Then you should check out my upcoming novel, Ever the Actor— no, wait. I forgot I was talking about the Eli Monpress books. My protagonist happens to share a few attributes with Eli, though Rachel Aaron’s master thief has a hunger for fame and a soul, both things my Syawn lacks notably.

But here’s the point: you have a chance to win a free copy of Spirit’s End. And maybe a $50 Amazon gift card. So do I. It’s actually why I’m writing this blog piece, see. (That, or because I’m hoping to catch Rachel Aaron’s attention again. I go as giddy as a spirit being flattered by Eli Monpress when she says hello to me. :P) Anyway, it’s fairly simple. Post about Spirit’s End on your facebook, twitter, blog, pintrest– social media network of choice, ya know? And then go here and post a comment listing the places you shared it. You get one entry for every place, and there’s a drawing every day until the 20th.

Go on, go be my competition, I don’t mind! Spread the word that the End is nigh! Then go read all the Eli Monpress books! And then even if the world does happen to end on December 21st, at least you’ll have read a really fun series before all fell into apocalyptic chaos, right?


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