The Un-Dreaded Mind-Sucker

Much like vampires today, the TV is one of the more under-feared spooks in existence.

This is the worst specter plaguing many households today, and to make things worse, many people seem to veritably worship the contraption.

I suppose that’s because many would argue as to whether this electronic square is a treat or a trick. What are your thoughts?

In either event, enjoy this song… and tremble before the TV’s mind-sucking might, because this was the scariest thing I could think to share with you.

(Besides the fearful fact that NaNoWriMo starts at midnight tonight. Let’s pray the muses come a-haunting and the writer’s block be barred from our houses. But anyway. Right. Song.)



  1. Thanks for the follow! And, I have to argue for both sides on this – yes, TV is a huge time-waster and basically turns us all into mindless zombies, but who can say no to a few episodes of Game of Thrones now and then? Except, of course, once November rolls around!

    Good luck on NaNoWriMo this year!


    1. Heh heh, is it not the how-can-I-say-no-ness of it that makes it so dangerous? It’s like the mental-visual equivalent of sugar: evil and killing us off, yet so sweet and endorphin-producing we’ll shrug in the reaper’s face and nom our way to an early grave. X/

      Oh yes, once NaNo opens, no time for ANY of the fun things. Besides writing. And eating sugary treats. And babbling on the NaNo forums. And talking about writing to our writer friends.

      Best of noveling luck to you, too! 😀

  2. I actually don’t watch much TV anymore, as I’ve gotten so involved in starting my business and all my creative projects, even when I actually have the time to watch TV, I can’t seem to summon up the willpower, even if it’s something I really want to watch.

    I don’t think the concept of TV is a bad thing at all; it still has the power to move us and make us think in the same way as art, literature or theatre. I think the problem is the amount of rubbish (I reigned in a few curse words there) that is on at the moment. Pointless reality shows that promote the worst kinds of human behaviour, ‘talent’ shows that are anything but, comedies that are nothing but offensive for the sake of it… where’s the storytelling? Where are the programmes that make you question your own beliefs, morals and opinions? Where are the plots that grab you by the heart and make you feel it?

    Having said that, some more shows in which things explode wouldn’t go amiss over here…

    1. That’s the thing about most people and TV, see– they cannot seem to distinguish between what is art and what is not, and are therefore sucked easily into watching any old thing. The screen itself is a draw for the eyes, I can vouch. “Ooh colors moving sound yay I must look and look!” seems to be the brain’s immediate process, at least for me.

      But yes, explosions– explosions and chase scenes and especially gunfights. Those things are deep and meaningful, man. Of course we need more of those.

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