Obscure Minty Importance About Me.

 Really? Yay!

I just got a lovely blog award from the lovely writer of Ever On Word! She either thinks my blog is great, as stated on the award, or feels obligated to chuck an award at her best friend. Let’s hope it’s both.

There are two rules of acceptance: 1) The nominee must tell seven things about his/herself; and 2) the nominee must nominate seven others for the award.

To make it even more fun, I went through and gave myself a theme requirement for each answer. I put down the adjectives first, now I must come up with facts to match them.

1) Obscure
Let’s see… I’m super good at hide-and-seek. Not the run-tag-the-base kind; I hate that kind. The hide-till-they-find-you kind. I’m usually the last found, and only after ages of long searching. I’ve been known to fold myself into tiny under-sink cupboards and crouch inside outdoor trashcans. I even hid on a windowsill, once. Usually, though, my hiding places are so uncomfortable, by the time they find me, I’m glad of it.

2) Minty
Um, minty. What made me think this was a good word? Let me think of something. I used to like plain chocolate better than chocolate with mint. Most of my family prefers the latter. I decided that, since they’ll always be getting mint chocolate things, I should go ahead and like it more. Apparently some people think it’s weird that I can just decide something is going to be my favorite thing. It’s not too hard if you’ve got a decent place to start– it’s not like I was trying to tell myself I liked cod liver oil or something.

3) Important
God. I would say ’nuff said, but there’s never really enough said. He’s the love of my life, and he never ceases to amaze me. I am constantly shocked by how much he gives me. I don’t know how many times I’ve prayed long and hard for something, then suddenly realized he’d given it to me, and I was only asking for it out of habit. Every good thing I am, I owe to him, so I’d call that pretty darn important.

4) Obvious
I love Scotland. I don’t know how obvious I’ve made it on the interwebs (oh look, it’s right there in my bio-blurb thing), but Scotland is my favorite place in the world. I’m very sad I’ve never actually been there, so I listen to its music, read its histories, and obsess over it generally to make up for it. Thistles, heather, kilts and tartan plaid, bagpipes, claymores and dirks and sgian dubhs, green-topped cliffs by crashing sea, grey rainy days and wind, my last name… all these things make me very happy.

5) Paradoxical
My love of war and peace. No, not the classic; the concepts. My spirit holds entirely conflicting passions for each. A dove and a hawk are perpetually duking it out in my mind. On the one hand, the very idea of war sickens me. On the other, there’s an ancient Pictish berserker painted blue and pounding his war drums.
You see that scene in Brave where all the clans are holed up behind tables in the great hall, shooting and shouting as the pipers play? When I saw that, part of me facepalmed. “Idiots,” I thought. “Stubborn, volatile idiots!” The other part of me laughed aloud. “There’re Scots for you!  What stubborn, volatile idiots! Rock on!”

6) Embarrassing
What possessed me to add this word? Dang it, I can’t change it now, so… I guess the time I was singing The Star Spangled Banner for karaoke when I was 12. I was so angry that the music was moving quickly (I hate the National Anthem to be hastened over) that I was a stubborn moron and sang the song at my own pace, screw the music. The funny thing is, I was such a stubborn moron, I didn’t even have the presence of mind to be embarrassed about it until I thought back on it a couple years later. I blame the Scottish blood.

7) Alliterated
I’m convinced capes and cloaks are the coolest clothing that could conceivably crown a closet. They’re warm in winter, wrapping wearers in a woolen windbreak, while wreathing them in wonder– when winter’s whiteness is withered by white-hot warmth, they ward away the wrathful rays (R sounds like W sometimes, wright?). Draped dashingly or dancing dramatically in a draft, they develop a daring demeanor in any that don them.
Thank God for Thesaurus.com.

That’s it for me! Now it’s time for the amazing writers of
The Usual Foolishness
Easy There Genius
Retcon Poet
Second Lunch
Holly Maher
and Reasonably Ludicrous
to tell me all about themselves! They can feel free to adopt the restrictions of my Seven Adjectives game, or shun the creative spin and do it the normal ol’ way. 😉



    1. Forgive yourself. My love of Scotland is easily missed, if you’ve never spoken with me.

      Lemme tell ya, that alliterating thing was a real bear. A fun bear, perhaps the skilled dancing sort, but a bear nonetheless.

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