The Glorious Duncan Reunion

My niece reported that when she told her friends that she was going to an annual family reunion, they all essentially responded “Oh, I’m sorry.”

To which she thought, “I’m sorry for you.” Because those poor souls know nothing of the awesome might, the amazing abilities, the triumphant silliness that makes up the glorious Duncan family. We do epic. We do fun. We do epic fun in amazing places. This is the Duncan reunion, and there is nothing sorry about it.

Here are a few of the things that made it glorious:

A) Landscapes I could pretend were Scottish

Seriously, we went to some lochs (lakes, if you prefer) that were so blue and deliciously cold, nestled in the middle of rocks so grey and hills so green, I could pretend for moments that I was in my favorite place in all the world. If it had been colder, windier, cloudier and raining a little, I couldn’t have spotted the difference at all. I don’t think my family would have appreciated it, though.

B) Singing “Sweet Tiger Blood” to the tune of Carol of the Bells
This was a case of mad, mad, and madder. Someone mentioned tiger blood (for no good or given reason), then we added sugar and song.

C) Amazing food, every day
How did I end up with such marvelous chefs in my immediate family? If I believed in reincarnation, I would have to asume that I lived my former life as a charity-founding firefighter-saint with a Purple Heart to deserve fare like this. As it is, I guess I’m just stupendously lucky. Check this: Thai rice soup, grilled pork, grilled portabellas, sauces you would die and reincarnate for, bacon bacon bacon, scalloped potatoes, and tea prepared with shocking expertise. I fear there are other things I can taste in my memory, but not name.

D) Red Rover and Ring-Around-the-Rosie
My nephew and I playing ring-around-the-rosie (full contact flash mob/tag edition) with the 2 and 4 year olds can only be outmatched by playing red rover with the adults. You’ve never played the game until 180 pounds of muscle has smashed into your linked arms! Leave no wrist unstrained! Generally, playing on the grass with the gang was fun. Cartwheels, wrestling, frisby, handstands… it’s all so much more fun when you’re doing it with family and utter abandon.

E) Dad calling my brother “that hideous woman”
I doubt he would have thought of it all by himself. My nephew had been refering to himself as “that hideous woman” all week, and it was a case of like father, like son.

F) The 2012 Olympics
Ah, who can forget that glorious highlight that was the queen parachuting into the stadium with James Bond? 😉
We don’t usually have the TV on at Family Cabin, but this was worth making an exception for. We would gasp at these mind-boggling feats of nigh-superhuman capacity, then cringe and tsk that they’d done things we could never do just a fraction imperfectly. Look at that synchronized dive. Can you believe how much faster the girl on the right was spinning? Smh.

G) My nieceling doing yoga

My 2 year old neice, staying balanced on one foot by grabbing on to mommy (who was also standing on one foot at the time) and still trying to keep her hands pressed together over her head. If nobody got pictures of that, I’m suing. Ah! I have gained access to the coveted pixels:

H) Snoop dog
Snoopy, my brother’s massive year-old sheep dog, is kind of amazing. He fake-licks, sticking his nose on your face and flicking his tongue, but not actually touching you with it– which is great for me, because I like dog-face-licks in theory, but not in practice. He also rough-houses like a boss, gently grabbing your arm in his fearsome fangs, and licking you in concern if you yelp like a puppy.

I) This.
Caption it in the comments, I dare you.


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