One Slushpile. A World of Editors.

Ever wish you could decide what books got published?

Ever daydream about publishing your book with 35% royalties?

Yeah; neither have I. Both wishes are a little too absurdly great to even conceive of. But apparently, some folk out there have conceived of both, and those some folk were in a position to create a publishing house.

Meet Pubslush: beta win-win publishing model/international charity.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe not.

See, to get published with Pubslush, you have to post some back-jacket blurbs and an excerpt on their site, then get 1,000 pre-orders within 4 months. Yeah, that’s a LOT of work. If it were easy, I wouldn’t believe it.

But this way, the publishing house is guaranteed a good seller, the buyers get to decide what books come onto the market, the artist behind the book actually gets a fair cut, and third-world literacy is funded on top of it all.

…So yes, it does sound too good to be true. But do you think I should give it a go anyhow?


PS: Yeah, you gotta sign up to check it out, but signing up is as easy as User-Email-Password, and I’ve never gotten any spammishness from them.



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