Time of the Scribe

This is the end of my series on characters and their germination and growth. I would like to finish by pointing out something I’ve found to be universally true in my little universe:

Whether characters were born in a lash’s flicker, or dredged up of need; whether they revealed themselves a facet at a time over months, or emerged living and breathing and more 3-D than any 30 dollar movie: time helps.

Time letting them sit in your mind, forefront or back burner, and possibly most of all, time spent laying them in type onto a blank page.

Time reveals the hidden, time deepens a character’s soul, even when you thought you knew it all and that their innermost thought was plumbed. You never do, and it never is; for characters are born of us, and what man knows his own depths?

So when I need a character and send a call to the ether, or hear a call from the ether of a character needing me, I say—

Ooh, ooh,
New new new
Let them stew
In the mishmash,
In the mire
Of my mind,
A scribe for hire.

(Give me a break, ok? It came to me in a 10-second fit of fresh-character thrill.)


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