Character Clippings from the Ether

A sea of characters swirls in the ether, infinite shades of multifaceted beings, people that flit into an artist’s imagination, begging to have their tale told, or else draw tentatively nearer as they’re called…

So that’s my character-finding process. Sort of. Not really. Okay, maybe it’s significantly less magical. …Or is it? Just how supernatural is mere imagination? It is, at the very least, other-worldly; consider how many worlds can form within one. But I’m not talking about the formation of universes, only characters.

How do such mysterious things as imaginary people get their start inside my mind? How do these clippings from some mystical forest plant themselves, put down roots, grow into true, vibrant, leafy, fruit-producing characters? …Alright, I may have taken that metaphor an acre too far.

I would tell you how I go about creating/finding/being jumped by characters, but my process is even more varied than that triple-slash thing would indicate. For every fresh character, there is a fresh explanation, a fresh manner of birth. Some were born of inspiration, some of labor, some of real life, some of conglomerate, some of idle speculation… and some of other things yet.

Since it’s hardly possible to cover all such first sparks of existence in one small blog piece, I will give it to you a character at a time; my main cast (and some of my more interesting minor fellows) each stepping into the spotlight to show you how they entered my thoughts in the first place. Hopefully, you’ll find it inspiring.

It’ll be something like a mom pulling out the scrapbook of baby pictures for company, you know; “And this was Johnny’s first bath, wasn’t he a little peach?” Heh heh… my poor fictional cast will be blushing so bright I could read by them. First in line; the formation of Syawn. Watch for it.
“Will you talk about me in the bath?” he asks, brows raised in interest.
No, Sy.
“Cryin’ shame. Your readers would love it.”
Shut up, Sy.



  1. Ah, the mysteries of character creation: A favorite topic of mine!
    Whereas my feelings regarding Sy in the bath are perhaps better left unspoken…

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