Eli Monpress and the Raffle-Winning Cyborg

You know, it never used to seem like people won things– random drawings, that sort of thing. I never won anything, no one I knew ever won anything… It seemed a little suspicious. I was inclined to agree when a friend of mine said that only cyborgs manufactured solely to win raffles won raffles.

Then, at NaNoWriMo’s Night of Writing Dangerously, I won an epicly epic Scottish Mantle. (You can check out the Night of Writing Dangerously pics, as well as said mantle, at my new photo gallery.)
I was stoked, but I didn’t suppose there had been any sort of reversal of luck– it must have been an anomaly, borne of my deep desire for all things Scottish.

And so it was in the spirit of fun, and with little hope, that I entered the contest to win the Eli Monpress omnibus, by Rachel Aaron.

Three books in one, an epic cover, and get this– it’s about a wizard thief. Not a thief who steals wizards, a thief who is a wizard. At least, I’m assuming. In any event, if you’ve read the synopsis of Ever Actor, you know that’s right up my alley, so I wanted to own this as soon as I laid eyes on the tagline. And I confess, the cover art swayed me.

And then I won it! That’s right, on day five of Rachel Aaron’s  giveaway, she announced me to be the winner. This will be my first time reading anything of hers besides blogs, so I can’t wait to tell you guys how it is!

So it seems that there  has been some sort of reversal of luck. Perhaps plain old people can win random drawings after all!

…Or more likely, I am a raffle-winning cyborg.



  1. Book covers really don’t come much more wonderful than this. *ogles*
    Congratulations on your win, cyborg girl! I, too, look forward to reading the wizard thief’s exploits. 😀

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