The Evil Speech of Evil

The Evil Speech of Evil was a suggestion posted on the NaNo forums this November past. To better know your villain, write out an explanation, from their viewpoint, of why they do what they do. I used this on the antagonist in Ever Actor, King Vingorn, with wicked results.

King Vingorn
Vingorn blinks. Why he does it? He’s never stopped to consider. Is not the pursuit of power intrinsic to every human life path?

He was lucky enough to be born a prince; fate favored him there. He was unlucky enough to be born the youngest of five siblings; and so where fate failed him, he reached out and built his own fortune.

He is not a horrible person. He does not delight in the suffering of others. He only desires things— every man desires things—and reaches out to take what he wants.
Certainly, this conflicts with the desires of others. Sometimes, his actions cause suffering, as he takes coin and land and lives and livelihoods and—if he is lucky—countries. That’s really too bad, but life is a contest, a devouring game, and he intends to win it.
Besides, conquest is the way of kings.
Check out more about Ever Actor and the occasionally malevolent cast here. 😀
So, who are your villains, and why do they do what they do? Post an Evil Speech of Evil below!


  1. My Angel Fabius of Forsaken Stars surely does not consider himself a villain, for he is tasked with carrying out God’s Justice by the All Father himself. Fabius is “The Lord’s Gun.” However, it has been quite a long time since he has seen, heard or felt God’s love. So he holds tight to his scroll of Judgements and is single-minded in completing his mission, even in the face of the universe’s collapse. Oh, they all run or beg for mercy or even go so far as to claim that they have repented, but their names are on the scroll and that cannot be denied or circumvented. Only once has he given mercy, and though angels are not much for emotion save the joy of servitude, a part of him regrets that small variance from his path, nevermind that the mercy was saving the cretin for last, or as close to last as convenient. No, Fabius is no villain. He is the Savior’s Loyal, Oath-Born Warrior. To live is to serve. And, oh, does he love to serve.

  2. Oooh, villainy… I’m a fan.
    Which of my antagonists would like to justify what they do?
    “Justify?” wafts the silky-smooth voice of Austeryn, Wind of the South. “Silly girl, I need not justify anything to you, or to *any* human. I answer only to the Sun, and those answers are always carefully chosen.
    As for what I do, why should I not? I do nothing outside of the South Wind’s domain. I bring the rain, I blow, I *am*. And you humans need rain, do you not? Surely precious water for you and your earth is worth the occasional flood or destructive storm. Good and bad, help and harm, life given and taken — it’s the perfectly natural balance of life. Why should I not delight in both sides of my being? I ask you, is that villainy?”

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