Creature of the Deep

Upon request, I’ve added a poetry section to my website. 😀

I’ll be adding my pieces gradually; currently, there’s only the Web of Art poem and a fragment of a letter to a sister of mine, containing three poems. You can read Quester and Questioner on the poetry page. In the mean time:

Creature of the Deep.

Discontent to stand on iceberg peaks
and peek
At faces in glass boxes and the bubble words
they speak.

She shatters the display and glass rains sharp
to pierce
the pretty masks and ugly masks and masks in all
their tiers.

She seeks the answers under answers given first
to please,
She dives for truth beneath the words, beneath the face
she sees.

Farther up and farther in and
farther towards the core within and
ever deeper down and steeper ground and truer truths and still more found and
done and grown and been.

She is a Creature of the Deep
and “Ever Deeper!” will she sing
and Ever Deeper will she wing
into the heights.



  1. The rhyming…spectacular. The imagery and message…just lovely.
    I really liked this piece.
    Am definitely going to follow for more poetry so hopefully you’ll continue your poetry section. (: It’s definitely worth reading.

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