Cool Eye Syndrome

Cool eyes: a common sight in fictional realms, especially rampant in worlds of fantasy.

Red eyes, slit-pupiled eyes, metallic eyes, glowing eyes, color-changing eyes, big eyes, little eyes, eyes that climb on rocks.

Even outside of spectacularities like Alanna of Trebond’s purple eyes,

and Edward Cullen’s gold ones,

there is the common brand of eye intensity; Harry Potter has his mother’s bright emerald green eyes, (though apparently Daniel Radcliffe does not…)

and Darken Rahl (Sword of Truth villain) has icy-calm-creepy-penetrating eyes.

Even when the color is common enough, it seems we writers are hard-put to avoid spicing them up with extra brightness, sparkle, or ethereal light.

So, come on, weird-eyed characters– isn’t it cliché already?

Er, ah– well, you see… um, maybe, but the fact is– everybody loves them.

There may be a couple of rifle-clutchers roosting in their pet-peeve lookout post, ready to flame as soon as they see the whites of a strange eye, but most people, writers and readers alike, just get too much of a kick out of extra-cool eyes.

I, for one, could not resist Cool Eye Syndrome.
Syawn’s green eyes are grass-fresh and emerald-bright.
Mysst’s eyes are obsidian black, a rare color (does it even exist? I begin to despair of it!)
Rowtan’s eyes are popping blue against ebony skin (a common trait in his people, though enticingly unheard of on earth.)
And for some reason, it makes most readers and writers giddy to imagine such exotic eyes, however often it’s been done before.

We love cool eyes for the same reason we love sci-fi and fantasy:
Because they’re awesome, and we haven’t got them.



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