The Fascinated Life

“The more you learn about something, the more interesting it is”
-Ann Duncan

Ever heard that quote? I would be kind of surprised if you have, as it’s Mom’s. I find it to be a very useful quote when used in conjunction with another famous familial quote:

“It’s more interesting when you’re interested.”

I know, I know, it’s hardly mind-blowing. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone knew that. (In my defense, I said it as more of a comeback than a deep philosophy.) But it really got interesting when I also realized this:

You can choose to be interested.
And when you choose fascination as a way of life, your life becomes fascinating.

I first learned this principle thanks to my dad and sports.

Dad was the only baseball-lover and sports-liker in the house. When he took me to my first football game, I was swept up in the cheering and the chanting and the roaring, in the rousing music from marching band and loudspeakers.
But somehow, I realized that I would get a lot more enjoyment out of the whole affair if I knew what the heck was going on down there on that huge green field in the middle of it all.

And so, mostly because there was nothing else to do, I started asking questions.
What was “holding”?
What were first downs?
How did they get two points?
What were the lines on the field?
Why wasn’t he clapping when everybody else was?
How did he know they were going to run it down the middle? 

I had an ever-stocking arsenal of questions, and Dad was happy to answer them all. And all the questions I had about baseball, and about fantasy leagues.
And now, ten years later, I have an arsenal of information about football and baseball. I certainly (along with every other sports fan alive) know more than the bloody refs.

But knowledge isn’t the most important thing here– interest is.
Thanks to my early choice of fascination, watching those two major American sports are two more ways I can enjoy myself– not to mention they’re another great connection I have with someone I care about.

So whenever I’m in a situation (or with a person) that seems dull, I remember that my interest is in my own hands, and make it my mission to find out the fascinating.

Because life is more interesting when you’re interested.



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