By Cunning and Craft

“When instinct and technique merge seamlessly, I call the result cunning.”
-Peter Selgin

It looks like a secret manual on an ancient art.
This was my first thought upon being handed this small volume, upon first running my hand across the intriguing matte cover, upon first reading those alluring words:
By Cunning and Craft.

That’s the opening of my Amazon review for my pet favorite of writing books. You can read the whole review here.

You should probably go just to look at the cover– a dusky orange border framing a beautiful depiction of Aesop’s fable in which the fox tricks the crow into dropping the cheese.
What I don’t mention in the review is that I have a natural bias towards anything to do with foxes and cunning craftiness. What can I say? I’m Slytherin-hearted.



  1. I proudly share the fox bias.
    (And I didn’t even know how very *me* that Flannery O’Conner quote I spied in your Twitter updates bar was until I wrote it down.)
    A very *you* review, Ink Caster. Well done.

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